Saturday, April 28, 2007


It was the day to remember for the rest of our lives…the day we played holi, took photos like crazy and finally parted our ways..the last official working day of our college life.

The morning saw us ,the beauties of s8 IT decked up in sari,like we often did at the slightest of chances,only this time it was different,it was going to be the last of our sari sessions in college.but gorgeous we all were..

‘vasanthamullai pole..

the guys too wore traditional dresses.
the morning started off slowly with a lecture.then we began our dearest shooting spree..we collected the members of the very first gang that was formed in the college,5 of us and took photos at the s1s2 block,the block..the classroom..were we were baptized as GEC-ians and It-ians.memories ,memories..those things we did ,those words we uttered,and those days when we were just kids fresh out of school and in awe of seniors,enjoying unbound freedom..ho!it all seems to me like yesterday.

Sorry,I am diverting!its that disease called nostalgia!

Come afternoon and we all braced up for the game ….’bura na maano,holi hain!!’there were the initial glitches like when we had just a single and tiny packet of colour ,blue colour,just that.but we started it off in high spirits and in no time there were 59 people standing around literally looking blue,like we all had just plunged into a giant cauldron of blue colour!at one point of time ,we were scraping colour off painted people to paint the relatively bare faces.that’s when somebody rushed out of the class covered in bright!more ammunition!!it was a mix of hues afterwards and not much was visible for some time.when slight visibility had returned ,everyone of us were coloured from head to toe,we had all become multicoloured hooligans!when we ran out of our colourful resources,we took photos in shouting,screaming and yelling poses.those pictures were adorable,not one face was recognisable !

Somewhat drained, some of them moved to the taps in front of our classroom to ‘get neat’.2 friends and me got a brainstorm-we took the risk and walked to the taps right in front of the staffroom,there we cleaned ourselves to our hearts content,hung around in the hot sun to dry off and returned all mellow and gay to our den.but we were taken by surprise by our better equipped classmates,and were given royal showers from 2 full bottles of water before we could even say’run’!thus it was that we leaped forth into the ‘Great IT Bath’.the unspoken agenda was to soak everyone and maintain everyone in a ‘dripping’ state.there were the ‘bathed and dripping’ people chasing the ‘not soaking wet yet’ ones with water bottles.but the bottles were in short supply and we had to drag some very reluctant people to the tap ,and give them a proper shower-direct from the tap. .man!was it exhausting!
the exhilarating part in the whole thing is –the initial resistance to the bath,then once half a bottle has been emptied on your back comes the sense of hopelessness and self-surrender -you realize that the battle is lost,so you join in the fray and look for the next target –or chicken,if u like.

There were few of them who took shelter in the corridor in front of our beloved server room,hoping we wouldn’t encroach upon those sacred was no use though!such fun it is to bathe the more reluctant ones!once we had everyone bathed and ‘dripping’,quite satisfied with the days work,or game,we turned to more glamorous stuff like…our photo/video session again.though twice(not once)we suffered royal ‘thaeppu’ breaking our throats cheering and posing for video to a camera not exactly recording our misdeeds,but we were third time lucky.a dripping (read rocking)class photo too.the afternoon had turned us into hungry lions and we collectively stormed the canteen.5 mins after our entry ,the few EC staff who were the only non-s8IT-ians in the area ,fled..must be evidence enough for the racket. Never once ,in our 4 years here,had our classroom look so filled-up, as did the canteen today evening.there was a round of chair-fight to fill in the entertainment slot.there was also a round table discussion(chalu competition)as we cooled off,or rather dried off.having sufficiently drained our energies for one day,we finally split up..aww,the awful part that one.

In between all the fun and uproar, 1 or 2 broken links that were ,quietly clicked into place,just like that-like magic!and that was the best was the day that reminded me of our initial days in GEC-the fun and the innocence.

Ps(to my classmates):-

We had one hell of a holi mates..lovya all..


Blesson Varghese said...

And where is the rest of the story....that you guys were suspended or something like that......

manoranjini said...

sorry the reply took so long.the rest of the story goes like this...
we had all the fun that we could have in one day and was left scot-free ...cos we are going away a few days time..(that sounds soo sad!)