Monday, April 21, 2008

i Return
Life looks all good with guitar strumming in my ears and lilting, lovely solitude this evening as the sun sets beautifully and all my cubicle-mates (mercifully/for solitude sake only..) leaving early ,giving me a chance to indulge in the all-time love of my life-writing my heart out!(Now you know why I had disappeared behind the horizon for these four months!). As I realize what a golden opportunity has befallen me, a wicked smile spreads itself on my face and rubbing both palms together I grab the keyboard for one of those adventurous sessions of ours..(I meant blogging! C’mon people..)
A quick update on my life since my vanishing act.
The initial two and half months were spent in Mysore undergoing training, were I got to learn my favorite programming language-Java.Fell in love with it all over again.! But that’s not all. Those two and a half months kept me so thrilled and busy that I didn’t even miss blogging.(Imagine!)It’s a paradise on earth that deserves to be spoken about for hours on end…absolutely loved it there !!
After training , they immediately pressed me into services and life hasn’t slowed down since.(Smart people are forever in demand you see…no wonder I am so jobless ..) Let me not bore you with any more specifics..
Outstanding memories
Special Diwali with special kids
I had the opportunity to spent the last Diwali in a special home for underprivileged and economically backward children,organized by our most kind Mysore-HR department.Frequented and supported by folks from the nearby residential company campus and people from all other walks of life,and run by ‘amma’ as she is dearly called,I noticed that the kids there received more love and attention than the kids in any of today’s homes, born to ever-busy parents.They recited entire chapters from Bhagavad Githa and conversed fluently in English with us. Made me wonder who is really underprivileged!

Tearful TZP
Yea its too late now..the movie has been all but forgotten .But I can never forget the experience of consoling the tearful guys who accompanied us for the movie!We virtually sobbed on each others’ shouders..Cheers to those guys cool enough to weep before girls.Guys , you rock!

One thousand new pals
The whole training batch consisted of 1000+ people .Man!Was it huge!!
It was an unbelievable experience , meeting all those lovely and cheerful people who quickly turned to dearest mates. Each and every one of them were special and recalling those faces now gives me that warm fussy nostalgic feeling as of a dream-life fully lived.Lovya all people..

That’s all for the time being.Catchya sooner than later.. ;)


Aiswarya said...

Right, First things first. The spelling of shoulder is incorrect, so correct it! You are a geek and you prove it over and over and over again. Fell in love with Java? I mean, get over it sister. I managed to become a fully qualified Mortgage advisor by the way. What‘s the naked man doing on the right hand side of your blog. Get that lazy arse up and do some phoning, well emailing at least!!

cm chap said...

Hmm... another Java freak... Huh. So these days ur wrking or jst sleeping n cubicle?

cm chap said...

Chk this out.... if u get time

manoranjini said...

@aishu : i wait long for a comment and what i get is a spellcheck!Thanx 4 telling me tho'..

@cm-chap : what dya think??zzz..
the new tech blog is cool.keep at it.

Hari said...

Great to see you back in action! Been wondering where you were for quite a long time, chechi! (Where you were as in, what exactly prevented you from blogging!). Now that you're back, I expect the same ol' standards which made me a compulsive reader!