Saturday, September 06, 2008


Too tired (read bored) with work and craving for some respite, I decided to take a look at the familiar, comforting page of my blog and found a tag there. So there was the outlet for all my pent up emptiness lying neatly in a list of soul searching questions. Still in the hangover, I wrote straight out of the top of my head…Thanks a ton Abhi for this tag – the effortless pressure vent!
Most questions are difficult to answer if its about you .Sometimes you can’t accept the honest answer, some other times you would rather deceive than be truthful …and sometimes...You just don’t know...Plainly, painfully...dont know...lemme see how much I know me...
I am: a dreamer
I think: a lot! Winding, never ending and not-so-pleasant thoughts.
I know: that there has to be some purpose which I am to fulfill with my life .I don’t know what yet!
I want: to know what it is that I should fulfill
I have: tons of energy and enthu; but no direction.
I wish: I never will need to wish,’If I could live my life again....’ Wanna do it right the first time!
I hate: Mediocrity...Though that seems to be the most celebrated thing now.
I miss: Childhood...When you didn’t need a reason to be happy.
I fear: failure?? NO!! I fear not having the guts to attempt what I really want.
I hear: (easy) Pink Floyd mostly these days...
I smell: not! I bath! :-P
I crave: for peace of mind.
I search: for some meaning in life
I wonder: eternally ...’what is my purpose …?’
I regret: deeply, for being too unforgiving to a childhood best mate...
I love: everything and everyone .I am soo mesmerized with this world
I ache: for freedom of expression/way of life/being me
I was not: i dont know this one
I am not: arrogant...Just too easy on myself.
I cry: when I am helpless...And I have noticed that people act kinder to you afterwards .so crying aint that bad...
I believe: in principles .They act as the anchor when life tends to stray.
I dance: from my soul...Dance is an expression of freedom
I sing: -do-
I read: so I may live .Books work like oxygen for me.
I don’t always: shut up and end the argument because I ran out of points .I just realize that we are on parallel plains and will never understand .I don’t believe in winning arguments by force .
I fight: for the causes I believe in .Unfairness is the most common foe.
I write: my heart out in my diary, so that I will always know the thoughts that I thought and the things that I did.
I win: hearts with my smile, and pals with my genuineness.
I lose: heart at obstacles, which I know is very bad...
I never: lie! Unless my life depended on it!
I always: try to look at the brighter side.
I confuse: with numbers a lot .wth.
I listen: attentively and help others unburden.
I can usually be found: with headphones plugged in.
I am scared: of not being the best that I can be in this life.
I need: to be loved and pampered, for optimum performance!!
I am happy: about the world around me; not sure about the world within...
I imagine: a life full of music and sunshine, with purpose and cheer.

Now I invite anyone who needs a respite from life to take up this tag...No formalities here okay .Help yourself and do the tag , or feel at home and leave a comment or two ;whatever you feel like ..Dont let life outsmart you .

Chill maadi !!


cm chap said...

I am: a dreamer - Cheers. Me too. you have a good passtime in office
I smell: not! I bath! - LOL. Is it so?
I need: to be loved and pampered, for optimum performance!! - ROFL. What else you need for optimum performance?

BTW.. I have done a diff kinda tag. Feel free to take that as well

Hari said...

"I dance: from my soul...Dance is an expression of freedom

Are you serious? As in, do you really 'dance your soul' for your freedom? :)
(That was a PJ)

Nice tag. Left me in a 'vacant and pensive' mood. Dunno why!

Nice to see you back in the blogosphere, chechi! :)

manoranjini said...

@cm-chap : :P
Thanx for the invitation.Cheers !
@ hari : Go for a DJ nite and you will know how dancing can set you free really does liberate (in a positive way;i can imagine the hideous things you may have thought by now !!;)
Thanx people for the comments .Rock On ! :-)

mea culpa said...

So an Infy girl, I once was....
So hw is it like 2 b dere?

Btw it was a nice read...

manoranjini said...

@ mea culpa:thanx for stopping by !!

Bullshee said...

Pink Floyd!!! woo hoo! I appreciate your sense of music! good on ya!