Friday, September 23, 2011

Beautiful Stranger

I had gone out to my second floor balcony one evening few days ago , when I met this handsome guy there .He was perched on a bunch of flowers and looked quite majestic in his ruby red body colour.

                                                           This guy came visiting ...

Check out his tender wings

And face from another angle ..


Initially I tried with the balcony light on and flash,but the pics didn’t look right . So I switched off the balcony light which seemed to be more hindrance than help and clicked this one before turning the  flash on. Can you spot the silhouette?

The rest of the shots were shot in pitch darkness , pointing and clicking at the stud .My fears that I may lose him any instant turned out to be misplaced as he was  absolutely unruffled by all the attention and the blinding flash lights upon him. Going by the good looks,  he must be used to girls swooning over him ! ;)
                                                           I can see ya ..

Clicking in the dark with nothing but a guess of what actually the lens was seeing was fun .So I clicked these beauties as well to see what they would look like. Turns out , they are attractive any time!


Kalyan said...

Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Anonymous said...

excellent capture....