Monday, September 25, 2017

A Sudden Happiness

Its been raining heavily this morning . The sky was so grey and overcast that it looked more like the dusk than the dawn today . I woke up to the incessant ringing of my mobile alarm , but I wasn't dragging my feet like most days  . Today I woke up with a spring ,fresh from the sleep and strangely ,wanting no more . The scene outside my big sitting room window was white like fog , only it turned out to be rain upon closer inspection . Now rains early in the morn is usual back home in Kerala .In Bangalore though the rain times itself more conveniently towards the evenings  .So this was unexpected  .

No matter that I got ready quickly I was still running late for my early  morning bus to the office. When I got out of the house , the rain was a heavy drizzle,water flowing on the roads and I had to splash my way through . Luckily I got an auto to take me the rest of the couple of hundred meters to where my bus usually waits . But today no bus ! Oh no , not today .. Quick thinking and I asked the auto to speed on to the next stop where the bus takes a loop around the block and arrives  . I cut to the chase quite literally and went there straight and voila , minutes after I reached ,the bus snaked its way slowly there  . Thus relieved , I climbed into the bus , settled myself in and after a quick status check call with the husband , snoozed off  .Head lolling ,wrapped in a warm stole and eyeing the heavy downpour whenever I shook awake ,I reached the office around the regular time . Rain or no rain , the morning traffic seems to be kinder to the office goers in this traffic nightmarish city .

I alighted in front of my office building and splashing my way even more than earlier , I made my way in, shivering . Usually I loathe the office going part of the day . It only gets worse on Mondays . Today turned out to be different though . Was it because of the rain , you ask ? No .. It was despite the rain . I even have a song playing on my lips ; that sweet voice of one of my favourite singers ringing in my ears , "Aaja piya tohe pyaar doon.." . So that's why I settled in with a hot cup of ginger tea to type away as soon as I reached . Well before my team mates arrive because of my bus schedule that ferries me half way across the city to my office and back home in the evenings . So all in all , I like today . This day looks good !

"A sudden happiness catches me unawares. I feel it trickling into me, and my eyes go liquid with gratitude and hope.”

― Khaled HosseiniAnd the Mountains Echoed


Ram said...

Wow! You still maintain a once every year blog posting trend. :)

Was nice going through my old blogging community here and to find only one still writes. :-)

It was nice reading your posts. I miss those rainy days in blore. Your happiness might also be because of the rain than despite. you never know!

gaurav kumar said...
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manoranjini said...

Hey Ram,
Good to see you here. Yeah I'm very sporadic in my writing these days , but I too go through my old blogging community once a while and get all nostalgic about it. 😊

Hope you are keeping well. Cheers to good memories .

- Leks