Thursday, October 26, 2006

Since time was aplenty and nothing of pressing urgency to tend to,i thought i might as well try my luck with a third post.The last week was spent on just planning topics and the research to go with for a blasting new blog that i was planning.Topics were not hard to come by,nor were the ideas to be written ,the only problem seemed to be always,this one factor kept delaying the launch of my pet new blog.
Being a college student sure comes with strings attached.One would think one had seen the last of assignments and class tests(surprise tests!!!) in junior school-no sir!even being a final year student doesnt help much here.What with juniors with 'attitude' gone are the days of seniors getting their assignments done by juniors.
I could list another n reasons for not getting time enough to write.but the bottom line remains the same,i havent blogged for a while now

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