Monday, December 18, 2006

University exams postponed right in the middle of the exam season,project proposal presentation ,and now to top it all..this unnerving wait for the release of the sessional marks.When scraping past the 35-mark line in itself will be achievement for me..something otherwise would be nothing short of disaster.well.lets see..
I was just browsing idly,when i came across this handy chat tool integrated inside your gmail mailbox,hmmm quite usefull!its not easily visible!!somebody their had the brains and goodwill to make an inconspicuous chat client.
WHOAAA..cheersss!The good news just came in,i passed the lakshman rekha-the 35 mark line;i've actually scored 40.wat peace!
ok ,till i hav more idle time and free online access to blosser,its bye from me,manoranjini.XXX

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