Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reminiscence of college life


All will agree with me when I say ,memories are the best part of life. as they come flooding to me tonite,I cant but share a few with you.

In the chronological order:-

Rudest shock of my life----day 1 in college;I actually saw a cow grazing near the principal’s office window!!I had come for my admission;and I didn’t knw if I should run or stay.well,I just did.

Most silent day --- day 2 in college.that’s wen the classes started.(ha ha)

Most friendly eyes--- lemi’s.day3

Scariest person---nalini ma’am.(my knees still go weak tryin to decide whether to smile or just walk on)

Then a lot of self intro’s and hi’s later

When I enjoyed d most---ragging anju on her first day in s1s2.she did d action song 4 ‘twinkle twinkle’.(HA HA HA)

Most memorable evenings---wen prema and I would skip d cllg bus jus 4 d sake of a slow walk till we ran out of things 2 banter abt, n 4 d cold tea n 'vadai'* from LMS canteen.

First time an utter stranger lukd soo familiar----dats secret(wink!)

Most exciting event of cllg—first cllg election v witnessed..wen d KSU pulis still roamed d GEC jungle..i had talked myself hoarse d day bfore..and ofcorse’ INSIGNIA

Sweetest voice of our campus—sandeep bose..i still remember his ‘i’ll b 2 steps behind you’ for valentine’s day’04..our first in d college..

Most Inspiring GEC-ian--- gokul b alex..dearest ex-union chairman.i recall his heated arguments about d rise of communism in soviet union(overheard) ,with a thoroughly dumbfound open-mouthed it-doesn’t-matter-who.

He would talk passionately about literature n exhort to write like mad whenever n on whatever topic possible.n never too busy 2 listen 2 ‘juniors’.

Most useful times spent on campus—d quiz club sessions..jus memories now

Biggest surprise---VGK afterall turned out b not-so-hostile,friendly even(at times)

Lectures I enjoyed d most—balu sir,d great!(though d lab exams wer hell)

Lecturer who constantly got on my nerves—crybabe!you know who.!

Achievement of our class—INSIGNIA

Personal best team effort---‘vainottam’**---viji n i.(v r working overtime these days few days left!!)

On a serious note---THE MIME(spcl thanx 2 rekha.ab jaana ‘tholikkatti’ kis chees ki naam hai)

Silly li’l things----

I lov---

our outpost near d s1s2 classes under d tree(its gone now,it was d best ‘viewpoint’ ever)

cushion chairs of s3(how v fought d day it came)

d steps near s3-s4 classses (second best ‘viewpoint’)

CN lab---100 mbps is simply too good..i cant get over it!!

Special thanx—canteen-thanx 4 d innumerable teas n puffs over d years----I remember too,d innumerable times you were pure torture saying ‘evide onnumilla’.

Cooler!!---d GEC-ians one n only waterhole!!

Combined study sessions @ chitra’s…exam special..

Unforgettable bombshell!! IV –I am speechless here..

Object of affection-----the ‘vishuchedi’(konna tree)on d way 2 d drawing hall.

Last vishu,it made me wait long n hard 4 d first blooms,but once it started blooming ,d tree remained golden for a long time!!

I hope nobody cuts it down in d name of development

Heartbreak---to see our dearest football ground now resemble mars with all its craters!!

I hav purposefully left out d big events-things everybody knw.


How I wish for!!-----a class reunion yrs from now,’classmates’ style!!(n pls don’t anybody think of a murder!lets not spoil d fun,plsss!!)

Ps—now that u hav read my memories,do something in urs too

‘oru paalam ettaal angottum engottum vendey?’***

*south-indian delicacy

**checking people out

***return the favour


Abhi said...

Whoa, good set of memories! It seems am the 1st to go thru this blog! Nice effort and a good style! Waiting to see more(if u plan to continue)

Unknown said...

Adipoli ayittundu..
especially "Special thanx—canteen-thanx 4 d innumerable teas n puffs over d years----I remember too,d innumerable times you were pure torture saying ‘evide onnumilla’."