Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Wish..

I only wanted to leave my mark

Upon the pages of history.

I only wanted to find that path

Upon which thousands would follow me.

I only wanted to make my friends.

Party through the night and into the day.

I only played the naughty pranks

To make friends laugh, but do no harm.

Last year ,the night before the valentines' day

I only wanted to waltz with you.

And every time that you looked at me

I only wanted to tell you that.

Sometimes I wanted to swim in the creek.

Soar and sing in the sky like a lark.

And when the wind blew on my face

I only wanted to let my hair loose and smile.

I only wanted to believe in angels

And that there was one in everyone.

Just that some people let it show

And some covered it up for no reason at all.

Sometimes I wished for the prince on the horse

Who would kiss me awake and fight for me.

Then I realized they were no more

And learned to fight my battles on my own.

Sometimes I wanted to stand in the rain

Let the water wash away all the pain.

How I wish I could laugh out aloud

And have nobody stare at me!

At times I hoped to speak my mind

Before it was too late and all was lost.

I wish I had the courage then

And not have to mourn later on.

I only wanted to reach the sky.

Touch the stars and walk on the moon.

I only want to be as free as a bird!

I only want to break my chains!

But my biggest wish of all

Is to have ten thousand more wishes!

Cos the hope and cheer in a wish

Is in itself worth a wish!


Musku said...

"I Wish.." hidden in webdings was a nice thought (/wish).
This blog reminds me of the proverb - "Hope Is The Only Elixir In Life."

Aparna said...

is that ur own creation?? awesome!

Abhi said...

Isn't it time to change "An ex-writer wannabe" from ur description? I think ths will do justice to a change on the lines of "A struggling writer/poet"

Good work! Had a nice time reading it.

Bullshee said...

this is good, i actually read the whole thing....something i rarely do with poetry...keep it up!

manoranjini said...

thank you people for reading poetry.i myself wouldn't read one!!
@musku:is hope the only elixir?what about love?:)
@krish:it is is..n!
@abhi:you think so?cool!but i am too lazy to become a struggler..:)
@bullshee:neither do i read poems..and never write one of those too.this one was just unstoppable..

Ankit said...


Musku said...

I LOVE to HOPE that 'LOVE is the only elixir in life'. Apparently its not so in this century!
What you say?
I'll ask for proofs :-)

Aparna said...

you've been tagged!

Illusionist said...

Awesome poem....
I hope its ur creation..

manoranjini said...

@ illusionist : of course it is ! thanks !