Monday, September 03, 2007

Good (Golden) Evening

The lone eagle traces a majestic circle in its solitary heaven .Even higher , the clouds are turning a mellow golden hue. Jarring music thumps at my ear drums. It’s the curse of living in civilization. So , I was thinking…

At the time when man decided to walk the paths of civility and socializing , my ancestors should just have left the herd and quietly walked away in the opposite direction and towards the sunset. Let the people obsessed with progress seek the sun-rise , we are contend watching the sun set over the golden sea waves , breathe the night air , and sigh to the naked least , we wouldn’t have had to give up on our silences then.

I am sure ,in such a free and open world ,we would have procreated and procreated and would have built a formidable army of our own-of poets, not soldiers! Like the solitary eagle , we should have sought only the purest gold that nature had to offer-the water , the sands , and the air..nothing more complicated than that.nothing less beautiful than that either!

Innumerable evenings have I spent watching the sky grow dark. The clouds , like dreaming feathers floating in the breeze are initially white , like balls of cotton. As the evening starts crawling towards dusk , the clouds change hue many times from white to yellow to baby-pink to gold to red to flaming crimson. At that time , the sun will have reached the sea-line , throwing furious red light on the sea waves making the sea look like molten lava , before quickly drowning itself and turning all my adorable clouds to grey. Losing myself in the show of colour and splendour ,I try to dream of my might-have-been ancestors..gazing at the sunset without a worry in the world..and no jarring music too.hell no!!

Enya-Evening Falls

I am home - I know the way.
I am home - feeling oh, so far away.


Abhi said...

erm, spoooky @ 1st. Nice video at the end! But frankly i cdn't make out what the post was about :D, other than the song part!

manoranjini said...

hehe then i guess i am becoming a real

Bullshee said...

I loved the post! Profoundity and breeziness in the same para....
The best line was about procreating an army of poets who seek the sands the air and the water...
kudos mano!

Aparna said...

nice post. but seriously got confused about what it is about.
anyways, reminding u that u're still tagged!

Aiswarya said...

I wasn’t confused. Whether or not I was getting the right view as the author needs to be questioned. It is so very nice to be jotting down how u feel with a particular scene in mind playing two different aspects, it takes confidence to do that. Either is clear and vivid or its utter bullshit. But in your case, I believe I know exactly what trekking through your mind.

Ankit said...

awesome.. just because i can totally relate to it.. you know we all well most of us dream about a much simpler life.. and it probably doesnt gets simpler than sand air n water! but again i dont know whether we will be able to let go of all the comforts.. which we have probably failed to appreciate since they have become such an integral part..

but still thanks for the post!

lost_poet said...

Thank you for adding N|P to your blogroll. Very kind of you.

Adding this blog to my blogroll. Hope u don't mind. :)

Musku said...

The number of evenings you have spent watching the sky grow dark is countable from my frame of reference.
However, I can understand the video can be replayed again and again (in)numerable times we can replay the scene which we have seen already for (in)numerable times! So , its acceptable when u say "Innumerable evenings have I spent watching the sky grow dark. The clouds , like dreaming feathers floating in the breeze are initially white , like balls of cotton."
Thanks to the Human Memory System, Replay System (whatever keeps you in Cloud-Nine when you apparently see the Golden Evening). Oops! I forgot to say thanks to you.. THANK YOU 'cause I too was in Cloud Nine when I was contemplating on your evening.

manoranjini said...

@bullshee:thanx :),the name is lekshmi..
@krish:oops did i confuse u?well,as the saying goes,'if u can't convince them,confuse them' am working on the tag..
@aishu:u know me by-heart babe..n it was not bull-shit ..*wink*
@ankit:a life of just the bare essentials would be life with no strings attached-the complete escape i was dreaming about that particular dusk!but true,we are too spoiled by the worldly comforts for that..
@lost poet:the pleasure is all mine.btw,whats the name?
@musku:i was born addicted to the dusks and rain.are you getting hooked too?and no,no replays here.i watch the dusk every time i get a chance,and never replay the scene in my mind for fear of losing the freshness.its a new dusk for me every goes to prove that i am the most jobless soul on earth rit now!

Musku said...

I like many events in the nature... sunrises,sunsets,cuckoos and meaws,rains,thunder bolts,lightnings etc. When I was in College (Engg) I started liking Rains and Dusks a lot from S4 onwards..there is a big story behind that.A snippet goes like this - I fractured my right leg because of my bad jump from the balcony of the Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium to the ground in S4. So,I was forced to take rest for 2 months. I got 4 supplies in S3 and the change I received was very useful for the studies and I learnt many things abt people also apart from Engg Subjects.
I faced some mental stresses and felt like crying many times but I never liked crying. However the nature gave lot of rains during that time and I felt the relief we get by crying..
Also I used to have my studies from morning to evening 5 and used to welcome the sunset with happiness because my mom comes by around 6pm and she used to give me Tea in the evening... Somehow I found some interesting meanings (Excuse me , some are not given here) to the Dusks and the Rains.

I always like Sunrises... because its the start. But I n'joy dusks when I feel I've done something positive on that day.
>> However we can simply enjoy anything happening in this world.. if that is meaningful to your senses.. YOUR SENSES! <<

manoranjini said...

beautifully said!!