Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why Am I an MJ Fan?

These last few days, some non-MJ fans have been asking me that question, though I am still surprised that there are people in our generation who belong to that category. And all I can say is that, I am lost for words for any explanation.

Some things are so intense that they can only be felt, not explained.The moment you try to explain it, you dilute its intensity and it no longer is what you set out to capture in words. In a way, words are too small for that feeling.

This line of poem from yesterday’s memorial service stayed on with me and to all MJ fans of this world, I have only this to repeat,
“In the loss of our treasure, though we are many, we are all achingly alone … “

And to MJ himself,
I love you, MJ.
You were the best, you are and you will, forever be, The Best.
May your soul find eternal peace .


cm chap said...

Yes... To me MJ will only be the face of pop music... If not I would nt have known anytg abt it

Hari said...

True!! Long live the king of pop! :(

Listening to him as I write this comment. :((

HaRy!! said...

truly the King of Pop!!!RIP to him!nice write!

workhard said...

Hey MJ is a legend..He lives forever...

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