Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Verse Ofcourse !

A curse on my uninviting mailbox
Looks like it's under a hoax
For there's nothing new or fun in there
To make me smile even once in a while!

Cross I am with all those blogs
I regularly visit and turn back disappointed
Cos no new posts have they for me either
To make me think and ponder awhile.

A bolt of lightning on the idiot box
For all the boring shows and thousand channels
Bloodier are the reruns
Of anything nice they might once have had!

Cannot even turn to my all time love
In good stead they have stood me so long
My dearest pals ,my good old books
For I'm recovering from a Coelho overdose.

And so I take a path I've trodden so less
That of verse and rhyming words
As a last resort or escape
This here is what came out as a result.

Hoping someone would read it atleast
And that one wouldn't hate it too much
Mayn't be good but what the heck
That's the best and all that there is for now !!


jj said...

good one :)
it felt like a reflection of the thoughts in my head too.

cm chap said...

Very nice... I liked the flow of it.

Hmm may be you need revitalizing stuff for motivation ;)

man in painting said...

real and surreal at times..
nice one..
liked the choice of ordinary words to capture 'present tense'
take care

manoranjini said...

jj : Good to know I got company .
CM : Revital apnao?!
MIP : Glad u liked it.u too .

Old Monk said...

Am new to your blog. Its always good to move on a new path when you are bored of the old ones. Simple yet catching words. Nice post.

manoranjini said...

@old monk:well well..i seem to be getting a lot of poets here lately.Thnx for dropping by :-)

Vinod Ramamoorthy said...

I felt someone has come up with a mind reading blog until I reached the end :P

In the world of nothing we rule !

Blunt Edges said...

lol...if boredom results in such cool poems, i wish u lotsa boredom this year! ;)

manoranjini said...

@Vinod - :-).Welcome here .
@blunt : nooo.. ;)

Old Monk said...

Long see. Where are you?

Ram said...

1. Sorry for disappearing!
2. Sorry for not posting for so long.
3. I usually dont read poems. Because they might have inner meanings and i`m too lazy to interpret. But I read yours till the last line! Good one!