Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can I have my childhood back?

I still have mountains to climb,

And creeks to swim in .

I wanted to play some more in the rain ,

And kick in the slush muddier.

I missed to make friends with some of ‘em I met on the way,

I forgot to pick some more fights with those I played with .

There are fantasies yet to be shared with wide eyed mates,

And some more adventures to plan during lazy afternoons.

Should have fallen and broken my skin some more,

So there could be more scars to show off from childhood games.

There are still more rainbows to follow with eyes lost to the skies,

Umpteen butterflies to mumble to, as they twittered uncaringly,

Some more flowers to gaze wide upon with admiration

Some more curious fishes in the pond I am yet to touch.

Tantrums and sulks a few more for my hunger for attention

I know some more stuff to show off to the younger kids

Walls yet to be etched with crude pencil and chalks

Stones to be flung farther off into the muddy pond

There are still tiny lotus blooms in there

To be worn around the neck, with their long stalks

Stories from my granny to listen to

There sure must be more tales of the kings and their battles.

Treasure troves of good things still hidden from me

Too precious, all of them, to let go

Can I have my childhood back please?

For I still have mountains to climb

And some more creeks to swim in …


Saurabh Jain said...

Made me nostalgic !!

Ram said...

Hmmm... nice one.
But, if you are a child now, do you think you wudve been as happy as you were then? I think children are put into a lot of pressure...
Loved your poem... sounded great...

cm chap said...

Nice one...

may be you entered corporate world lil premature.. so nw quit and go back :)

workhard said...

That is so well written......

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Uniquely the same said...

nice one!!

manoranjini said...

@ all - Thnx for writing in.I do hope you are aware your words encourage me to dabble more in poetry?? * devilish grin *

man in painting said...

Very well writtwn.
nice imageries..