Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back when we were young

Love was when we were young,
You were seventeen and I, sixteen.
That one moment of the first sight
And the denial in every minute that followed

Evading the looks and shutting my ears to your laugh
I told myself day in and out to get a grip
Until my sleepy eyes would open with your face in them
Washed up on the shores of a sea of dreams

Spring had descended upon me to stay
An irrepressible blush playing on unknowing cheeks
And butterflies flitted in the shadows of silky black strands
That waved when memories came in the scented air

A golden vein of frozen words had come to life
Flowing onto every stray scrap and classroom bench
The love gilded my books with poems
And the songs rung in every pal’s ears

On that rainy dusk years ago, on my long walk home
When we were joyous in the festival of lights
Soft lights had lighted up my way and it was then
I still remember, the air had quivered with your invisible presence

Our paths though had to part forever
And the day came when, under the cherry tree we bade goodbye
My blistered heart thirsted for solace and in vain
I traced your footsteps to catch at least a glimpse.

Years have passed by and we have grown in age and apart
No more do I pine for a comeback, now hopeless
I wish we never cross paths again, for it may be sadder still
If we stand yet again eyes locked, and the rose petals don’t shower

Because my pain, my love
The wide eyed girl and a shy smiling boy are lost forever
And all the love was back then, when we were young,
You were seventeen and I, sixteen.


Vinod Ramamoorthy said...

lovely !

But why does love have an age ? It could happen, anytime, or am I going crazy ?

Anonymous said...

Good one lekshmi

Blunt Edges said...

very very sweet :)

Aiswarya said...

Oi u,enthuvadey ithu!! way too romantic for me to handle!!!

Aiswarya said...
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manoranjini said...

@Vinod- It's just one memory .
@Anon - How I wish to know who's saying that.Thnx !
@Bluntu - thankuuuu
@Aishu - Really??Eppol manassilayo ente kavi hridayam ?? :P

Gauravbrills said...

lovely poem manoranjini .. love the use of simple words convening the smell of the fruit of young love

really gr8 work