Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Dream

Blood smeared , guts splayed
I lay with a gaping hole
Where the heart had been,
Wrenched open and emptied
Of that gift I was born with,
Unburdened of that dream,
My only reason for existence .

Like a rag doll ,my body lay sprawled,
The last of the shrieks silent on the lips .
Lifeless ,eyes wide open,
And stood over me a shadow
Clutching that dream and shaking with tears,
"Go,I have now relieved you of the pain
Of a dream unfulfilled ",said ,
My shadow to me .

Into a coffin , they placed me
In a room washed in blue, they crowded
And put even more nails on me ,
While the shadow watched from the far corner
Murmuring to the dream in her hands,
"Shouldn't hurt now ....
Those nails had to come ,the pain inevitable
Let life seep out , don't struggle
The struggle cuts it deeper. "

With the last nail, the dream crumbled
Into tiny shards of glass and shined,
Cutting the hands that held them
The way they had been tearing at that heart,
Turned to dust and mixed in the breeze
That blew over the coffin and out of the room,
Into the cold moonless night and a world
Of unforgiving, unfulfilled dreams .

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