Saturday, July 23, 2011

It All Ends - HP 7 movie review

*Spoiler Alert *

The HP movie adaptation, as always, does not live up to the book . I still remember the wait for the book release of the last and final episode -HP and The Deathly Hallows - how the wait was driving all of us HP fans, including myself ,insane. There were Orkut communities of those who were pulling their hairs out in anticipation and people spawning their own versions with tons of followers for these stories too. On the whole, those were pretty exciting times for an HP fan. The night before the actual book release was a sleepless one and the book was devoured in a single sitting spanning hours and hours of non-stop reading..Mind you , the book was a pretty huge one ,but that was hardly a deterrent. For all the wait and anticipation , the book turned out to be a brilliant finale tying up all the loose ends tidily and giving us ,all the drama and adventure we could ask for. Undoubtedly, JK Rowling did give us the best ending possible to the most favourite magic tale of our times beating all the clones hands down and were we satiated !

The movie labours to be , but still is, a far cry from anything that the book conjured up so easily .If anything ,for an HP fan the movie is just a reminder of the book reading experience, since its been a while since the book was read. The movie does start off pretty well ,but loses its grip on the audience as it progresses. On two occasions towards the end I turned around to the back wondering if they had cut off the sound - there was no background music and it was glaring ! Whatever effect they intended out of the heavy silence ,just did not work. The end scenes after the victory looks like plain lazy direction .Did they forget to put some awesome music in the background and mutual back slapping scenes to drive in the sense of victory and relief? To me , the actors looked like they had just come out of a boring movie! "Its over" ,"Yea right" sort-of !
Personally ,I had hoped they would leave out the very end portion of the story ,but they wouldn't spare us even that .Frankly, the 21 year old actors looked like they were participating for one of our school fancy dress competitions when they appeared as their older selves.

I would still say , thanks for the movie adaptation .Sometime in the future when I want to go back and get a dose of the HP adventure once again , I may watch the movies if I don't have time to read the books all over again. I would also add ,not all of the movie episodes were below par , some of them were actually good .The credit and admiration though goes to JK Rowling, for her incredible imagination that has created this stunning tale and I'm sure legions of HP fans around the world are thankful for the magical experience she has steeped us in . Sadly , it all ends like all good things are destined to be .

A true blue HP fan !

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