Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good Things Come In Small Packages

They walked along side by side, feet falling in rhythm, trudging along the familiar path which leads the way home .Evening sun bounced off the paved road making it look like spilt orange juice, the gentle breeze tugging at their shirt collars. An interesting conversation seemed to be under way from the animated gestures of the shorter one, the taller one nodding along. It was the second time I was chancing upon the duo on the same street .On one of those rare days that I got off work by the first bus home, I choose to walk home from my stop - a 30 min walk. I had spotted the interesting pair on one of my evening strolls home. I noticed it again today – the burden of the little travellers seemed to be shouldered by the taller one. He wore a big school bag across both shoulders and then a smaller one on top of it, lunch bag hanging lazily from one hand. His free arm wound protectively over the smaller kid, burden-less and talking excitedly oblivious to the surroundings, while the elder one kept an eye out. I had now caught up to them from behind , walking on the other side of the road .Shameless eavesdropping brought tidbits of their chatter to me – long tales from school ! Unable to contain my curiosity any longer I turned and took a sly look at the brothers .A picture perfect post card of childhood! Stealing my glance away I walked on beaming to myself, a warm fuzzy feeling spreading within whilst their ramble continued undisturbed – “and then you know what he said?”. “Hm ...? “ .

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