Sunday, April 01, 2012

I Miss You ...

If you ever do miss someone , you have to miss them like in this song..till the longing becomes a rain ,each drop heavy on the skin , soaking every layer in the soul , arresting time's flight , memories flooding from times gone by and washing you away ,making you lose all your bearings , miss them so hard ,so much that when your heart pounds in desperation the vibrations traverse the world to them , and in a sudden moment in between all the pointless madness of life they suddenly gasp as your name occurrs in their mind , opening an invisible passage through which will rush the the waters of flooding memories from your mind to theirs and then ... they miss you back !
-Anon [For fear of being labelled a romantic]

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Mystic said...

Wowww.. ! I have never read such deep thoughts on missing someone.. Its beautiful and totally appeals to an hopeless romantic like me :D