Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crime And Punishment—Dogged by TAGS

Crime:-I tags Ankit .

Punishment:- It boomerangs!I am tagged back/in return/again/ (take your pick)!

An endless list that reads like the do's and dont's of life..

Friendly Philosopher’s Advice:Don’t read it!!Take the tag,do it yourself,and then come back,if you still feel so..

Here's the rules of this game- Without changing the first word, write a sentence that captures you/your essence... (i.e.whatever comes to your mind..)..Ok,look up those words and get going..

Accept -appreciation (and advice…lol) with grace.So many are total suckers at that.

Break- the rules,only sounds good!!

Create- your own private heaven ,for the times when you need to escape.

Decide –I wish that act was as simple as it sounds.

Explore -your own mind-space and be surprised!

Forgive -only at times when forgetting is better than losing forever.

Grow- and let grow.

Hope –keeps me alive.

Ignore -those crushes that turned sour..

Journey- to the heartlands,where the real people are..

Know -that you are special!

Love - without preconditions and pretensions.

Manage- is only an act ,the thought is in the vision!

Notice- the beauty in others..(people are snobbish enough to pretend not to notice..)

Open- the heart ,let the dreams be your wings..

Play- not with feelings..the scars take long healing..

Question- before you believe.

Relax-try saying that when I am really worked up,and the heaviest object in the near vicinity will make forceful contact with your,i have warned you!

Share -a laugh once in a while,its good for the nerves.

Try -new stuff least to break the monotony..

Use -your revitalizes..

Values ….are ..valuable..??lols..i pass …..

Work- for those things that matter to you..and you will be in auto-hard-work mode

X-rays-I wish that would reveal people’s real thoughts..

Yield –only to love and god

Zoom-ahead of the crowd!!

Psssss..You read the whole thing,didn’t you??*shakes head in disbelief* (children grow up and even become sane adults,but never learn to take sound advice..)

And now to pass on this tag..I take no names this time for fear of misspells and serious over-reactions!But everyone’s invited…each and every one of you..

PS:MY employer has given me THE call!!I am thrilled to bits!!


lost_poet said...

uh oh, looks like ur having a tagged month! I just tagged you as well! :-)

anyways, u always have the choice of time and yes or no... :)

the tag's right here.


Bullshee said...

*shakes head in disbelief*???

You mock me for reading the whole thing???! grrrr.......

and ur employer has given you the call? miss lekshmy[the spellins right i hope], as long as you're in IT, there's nothing to be excited about right now. late nights, [potentially] crap work and bossy managers.

but the money....thats good, depending on which city you get to go! cheers and congrats!

manoranjini said...

@N.poiesis(i'm determined about that spelling ..see..?)that tag is already done,and pls don't think of more for me..:-)
@bullshee:its lekshmi(grrrr..)you had the heart to say that to a star-struck IT fan?i was born an owl,so late nights are great!(just in case my employer ever comes this way..heehee..).and my life is not mostly about money,its only about moneyyy!!;-)

Ankit said...

enjoyed it :P

desh said...

i read the whole thng, this blog seems to be havin a taggy time

Nasia said...

oh! thats a sick tag.. i mean u wrote it well.. but.. who created this stuff!!!
And abt employers , pls donot get carried away by a job in hand.. i knw wat campus placements do to us..
do a PG.. and take this advice with Grace.. ;)