Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Story Seeker - Short Film Review

When a friend shared a link to a short film he had made all on his own , little did I expect it to really catch my eye .Mostly because I was watching more popular ones at the time , ones featured on a recent TV show. But I stand happily corrected by this one-man-act that works wonderfully well for several reasons. It narrates the story of ,well ,a 'story seeker' - a character I can relate very well to . He is someone for whom every sight, sound, passage of time, feeling and thought is rarefied, affording a deeper connection and a minutely detailed perspective .The film is a marquee of sights that catch his attention ,from the novel to the mundane, with the back ground music playing the important job of conveying his reactions to each visual.

The writer is in perennial search for creative inspiration and everything in his field of vision is potential 'material'. He drinks of the world ;there are abstractions born in his mind ,but the river of expression runs dry.With the eye-glasses in most frames alluding to an intellectual outlook , he looks to the vast oceans of wisdom for respite . Writers' block frustrates his mind and bogs him down . But it's not long before his attention is drawn back into the world and it's many curiosities. Because sometimes the writer is just content to watch .Until the river of thoughts unfreeze,he prepares to sit down and watch ..and think .. and ponder .. for the world tells such stories with every sight and smell... stories beyond the reach of words or even language , only to be felt and known in the writer's soul.And thus unwinds each day in the life of the story-seeker.

Without so much as a word uttered (or penned), the story-seeker's tale is narrated to the viewer and the short film signs off beautifully through one of its last frames that says - " കഥാകൃത്ത് -- സാക്ഷി " .

Well done , Anaz Basheer

Watch the short film here  

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Old Monk said...

I watched the short film after reading your post. I liked both. But I must say that your explanation did give more depth to the film; may be something more than what Anas had expected. Good!