Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Best Friend

‘chookar mere mann ko

kiya thoone kya ishaara..’

What did u do to me,my love….

Oops sorry ,this is no love story. .this one is on ma best mate ,life time best friend!!
She is called aishu,( ohhhhh yes baby ,u r still the one!)
No ,I don’t intend to lavish praise on her, I have already done that in her orkut profile.
I will just tell you how we met and then became best pals.

It was in 1999,when we were in the 9th class together ,two out and out ,outrageous 13 year olds. .that was when we became friends ending our word-fights and general dislike of the last two years! !She used to be a (filthy ..hehe!!) class representative and rule over us soo. .I remember how, along with two other friends of mine, I had tried to ruin some fashion-show practice of hers for some school day thing! Fashion-show by 8th graders!(12 year olds.. haha.. man, u were the limits then, still is!)and then one day ,in the following year during some free period, I sang in front of a totally unsuspecting class of 45 girls..(I didn’t sing, they made me!!)Somehow that fateful day, I had ended up sitting at the end of the first row right next to her, and she pushed me off the bench when the teacher had asked, ’Who will sing a song now?’(poor me..)and I sang.. and she fell head over heels for me!!!(eewwwww that’s bloody mushy romantic..)

‘I am born again, I feel free ,no longer alone…’ from BoneyM did the trick!

And we became best mates!!

That song even got me a fan …( bragging rights reserved!)

For the next two years we simply rocked that school. We skipped the morning assembly and attended the prayer sessions in the fairy-tale chapel of ours, which was meant for the Christian students. Our hindu roots did not interfere with those cozy morning prayers ,away from the glaring sun of the school grounds where the assembly was usually held. Ofcourse we were good students in the class, just that she would sit with her head 180 degrees turned towards me, myself being seated just behind her. Come lunch break ,and we would roam the sprawling school premises, till we had been to every favourite spot and satisfied ourselves that everything was indeed fine.Oh! Those trees that we climbed and those walls that we scaled!

She would draw my pictures(bad ones),she would bring me stuff to eat(yummy those ..),and some other times, flowers stolen from the flower vase at her home!! Those days I had two library memberships at the school library, one of my own and the other one ,hers!(lucky me..)she didn’t read much of those books, but could be seen bragging about the books I had read! I am guilty of one thing though ,I used to bore her endlessly with prattle about my favourite movies, no wonder she wrote in my autograph book that the one thing she hated was my narration of English movie tales. But we both loved Terminator2 and exchanged innumerable ‘Astalavista babe’s..

I thought I was the more sensible of the two, but it was she who made me understand how vain it was to fall and be in love with Prince William! At that point of time, I had my mind made up on him.. but for her ,I would never have gotten over him nor looked at another man!(13 year olds!!)But we were the both of us together in love with Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys, and fought endlessly over him..

Apart from the age-related-silly-syndrome that both of us suffered from, she was the sounding board for all my fantastic ideas, and wild dreams. We had huge plans for our lives, oh yes.. magnificent life plans.. we had decided then ,that once we grew up ,

1. We would go on a world tour

2.I will still marry Prince William ,if that was possible

3.and she ,Nick Carter

4.The children would go to school together,and be thick friends like us.

5.She would become a rock star(Madonna??),and me a geeky freak like the villain in Golden Eyes.

6.We wanted to be cheer leaders for a while,but she scared me out of it!

And the list goes on forever, really.

Tragedy strikes:

Promptly after we had finished school, my best friend left for London, leaving me alone here.I was so used to her and her loving ways, I tried searching for an equivalent soul-mate around me. But it was useless ofcourse, there never was anyone quite like her again.For some time after she left, I missed her sooo badly that I would get up from my bed in the night, and write furiously about her in my diary..I have still got those emotional diary entries with me.. neither did I allow anybody to get that close to me again..I don’t know, friendship just wasn’t that colourful without her..

Even all these years later, when I was a bundle of sorrows just a few months ago, my best friend was there to help me through…I guess even if don’t talk or stay in touch directly, the souls have a way of knowing when the other is in need..

So here is this post, dedicated to my life-long best friend.. long live friendship!!


you loved and pampered me so much ,

Those days I had a feeling, that I was blessed specially!

Lovya always..XX


Ankit said...

you're lucky!

Musku said...

Aishu and Lechu

Aiswarya said...

Now I am going to have to take some time on this. I read it now and I am still in shock as to how you remember everything so much! I mean fair enough, you wanted William, and I wanted Mr. Carter! I was young... I was stupid, I know the point you are trying to make here, but it was cool to be fancying a white man where all you see is brown faces! But here its so un cool to be liking a white man, to be honest its embarrassing to be with one, {its either because of the fact that you cant get a tall dark handsome brown guy(preferably not Pakistani or black) or if you wish to apply for 4 year sandwich course in English Culture(not Shakespeare ), which would include Gang sex and swinging( find out what that is)} so I can guarantee you that it was right thing to do, coming off of wills! And as for Mr. Carter, I am quite sure that he was arrested the other day for possession of drugs! Oh well! Shit happens!

Cheerleaders, you know what my aunt with the pierced upper ear (I got one too, guess it’s an Indian way of saying, I am English too) said, she is right. You must do the needful for the players!! Not my thing, desperate as I would be, I think I am more into Rajesh now, which is good for him!

Rock star – I must admit, it took me an awful lot of time to make my mind up to become a musician, I repeat musician, simply because I hate rock music with a passion the same way I hate how my mum finds it entertaining to knick my underwear as she runs out of them, because she reckons all the washing needs to be done over the weekend, which I disagree with! It*Rock* burns ma eardrums from the sides and when I can feel the heat on the centre of the drum (ear) I know, the messages will be sent to my brain to follow the rhythm of the music, bang bang thump thump! Lovely, but I call it the headache!

The kids: guess what!!? If my kids are going to behave anything like me, I know they can say Good bye’s to the same air that you’re ‘‘ex’’ William and that queen exhale out! I would rather choose fragrance by Vanchiyoor Drainage! I wish to bring them up with a good standard of life as well as educate them a bit about Indian culture- going back to that sandwich course I mentioned earlier, as a mother I have no interest in that particular course as I would like some tips (money) for looking after my grandchildren which I possibly could be in denial off!! The course provides students with 1) Confidence to ignore Parents 2) Tendency to NOT look after parents at an old age 3) switch partners 4) how to get addicted to drugs with confidence etc! So I prefer to not be considered the least interested on a mutually contracted transplantation to India. So the children going to school shouldn’t be your greatest of disappointments, unless you change your mind about Mr. William again!!! Again I would recommend a medical course for your offspring’s compared to the sandwich EC, as any brown skinned Asian would do!

As far as reading books were concerned it weren’t the fact that I was in short of interest the reason in summery is ‘I wasn’t a patient child’. The lack of ability, ‘Lack’ is a strong word so I reframe it to unwillingness to execute something I was merely keen on, was worse than the feeling I would acquire if ma mum and dad decided to have another baby!! But as I grew with time, I have boldly [although not purposely] broken out of that mental state. Maturity made sure it was working on a permanent residence in me which of course did me great favors.

The chapel and Boarding Era- With a catering order that Raj had from his restaurant, I happened to visit a church after six long years. The food was meant to be served for lunch after the morning mass; the church was apparently bought by a faction of Malayalees for nearly half a million! The Christian girl I happened to dance with some time back offered me a complete tour of the church as she probably suspected that I hadn’t been to one before. She navigated me into a murky chapel room with nothing but 2 big red candles working their way down to the big silver candle holders. They were almost racing with each other as to who would burn down faster, can u imagine something that gives hope fighting with each other to get to the finishing lines, without realizing how the winner would affect the populace! Life! At the centre with a dark shadow I could see the edges of a cross made out of wood colored beach. The fighting candles barely gave enough light for me to get a full view of the cross. I stood there I saw two young ladies praying on there knees. I could have just done the same when I realized that Anju’s eyes were on me! I recognized the discomfited feeling I experienced; I have met with this emotion many at times in my life! So many where I could not be brave enough to overcome it! I was determined that I would and I gathered all the confidence I possibly could in that little dark room and dropped on my knees. I closed my eyes and the room changed to a bright big chapel which didn’t have that cross I just saw, it had a humongous cross with Jesus nailed on to it! I could hear the fans which always blew hot air! I could see all the seats filled with young girls in sky blue skirts and cream shirts. I could see black veils over at the front. Yes, it was the chapel that me and you refuged in to protect our biggest organs from the tan we may have endured. I could feel the mornings when I was literally alarmed by the [manual alarm] at 6.30 to have a shower in the ice chilled water; followed my early morning mass. The matter I never understood was the fact that when I forced my compressed mind to attend the mass, I looked forward to the assembly prayer at the same venue just two and half hours down the line. Was it you who cherished me with that inner happiness or was it because I preferred fans blowing hot air compared to the dusty air boiling to the contentment of the sun? I would be partial to the former, wouldn’t you?

The London Civilization – indeed it was ridiculers for me to even consider leaving India for good! As much as the miles from my mum were acupuncturing my heart, I knew I was digging a life size hole in it myself by leaving Kerala. I was quite confident that I would achieve everything I dreamed of at home! Call it destiny, call it fate, I ended up somewhere I did not belong, not knowing where I would embed my final roots in. I struggled for weeks, month’s years! I missed India! Life has taught me a lesson today, when things are out of your own hands, even god wouldn’t dare to attempt to amend it right. I was/ am happy at many occasions, but I am not convinced enough to declare myself a content 22 year old.

Like you mentioned many friends passed by, some turned from acquaintances to close pals; some had issues to discuss about me/with me where frictions occurred, some were Oscar winner actors and actresses. Even though I met a large number of people I could by no means, keep them close to my heart for a great deal of time, the sub conscious mind always built up that barrier. When insincerity struck me like lightning, I reversed myself out of locks of friendships without my naked eyes opinion. Deep inside that place that you scored in my heart on that free period in 1999 is yours for good! You are entitled to all benefits including private healthcare, pension and PF’s, in other words I also have the time to take care of you and pamper you the same way I did years ago. Even though you wont be promoted to another higher level (your at the peak) I always will have the same respect, love and care for you! Thanks for being my support when I needed it them most, when my emotions conquered the better of me. Love you always
Aishu, xx

manoranjini said...

whew!!!!now i know what 'long' people who say that my blog posts are long,just find out what 'long' means...